June 23rd – A Week With WordPress

One of the most powerful things about WordPress (and possibly other website creators) is the ability to have more than one person post, and give everyone different roles.

June 23rd – A Week With WordPress

In my former school, I setup and online blog that students could write about whatever they wanted – the goal was to get them to write and reflect on their work, therefore improving their writing.  In worked, really well in fact.  I had them write a simple 2-3 paragraph piece a week, then one “personal piece” which the rough draft was due as the mid-term and then they had to go through a couple re-writes and peer reviews for a well polished piece for the final.  When students left the class they had an online portfolio of growth in their writing along with a personal piece that they researched and was very polished.

This was only possible because of the additional collaborators tool that WordPress provided.  From the dashboard on the left hand side you can add “Users” which you invite by email and give them different roles.

Wordpress Managed Users.gif

The roles include Follower, Administrator, Editor, Author and Contributor.  You can see the details of those roles above, but for mine I used the contributor and then the students couldn’t publish anything directly, but alerted me when they had something to publish.  I attempted to push them to write so much that we had 5-6 articles everyday.  It was pretty amazing and something I’d suggest in your classroom.


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