June 25th – Blogger

After spending “A Week With” WordPress, I’ll introduce you to a few more CMS (Content Management System) websites.  Up first, Blogger.

June 25th – Blogger

Blogger was an independent company until Google purchased in 2003.  Blogger was one of the first services that you could “blog” on and that is why most of the domain URL’s are “blogspot”.


Blogger is very simple to setup.  Once logged into you Google account, visit blogger.com and it will ask permission to use services.  Then you are tossed into the Dashboard where you can add a new post.

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This looks like any word processor you’ve ever used.  That’s a huge bonus for those people who are nervous about making the jump.  Everything is pretty simple and straight forward, inserting images, making anything bold, italic or underlined, etc…  Having and working off of that base knowledge is a great help to those trying for the first time.  Blogger also has an easy toggle between the “Compose” and “HTML” views which help for those interested on what goes on behind the scenes.  The stats page is very helpful as well – seeing the location of those viewing your blog and the frequency which they view.

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The websites are a template which all kinda look the same.  You could spend a lot of time with work arounds and figuring out your own code, or just jump to a Wix, Weebly or Squarespace for a more professional look.




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