June 26th – Tumblr

Tumblr is another CMS blogging site, but is also known for “microblogging” or short little post that take no time at all to read.

June 26th – Tumblr

What makes Tumblr different is the “microblogging” aspect and how it’s meant for quick little hits of information.  The site also directs you to things you are interested in (you select those at the beginning) and you see those things as our main screen.


As you start you’ll notice very quickly that all the other “blogging” websites we’ve looked at are text based with the ability to add videos and images.  Tumblr ask first and then the “Text” field, if chosen, is very small – forcing you to rethink your post.


Tumblr shows the flexibility of the Internet to its fullest extend.  Quick little bites can reach more people and help your overall branding.  In a classroom setting this forces you to be clear and concise with your thoughts – which is not always a bad thing.


Sometimes you have more to say.  I’ve never gotten into Tumblr because I’m long winded (not entirely joking) but I feel that my audience is looking for something more.  If I was focused on by GIF’s for helpful shortcuts – Tumblr would be perfect.  So think about your audience and what they are looking for too.  Tumblr’s format also makes it more accessible to young people which are generally looking for entertainment rather than knowledge.


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