June 28th – Edomodo

Edomodo is another LMS (Learning Management System) but is free for teachers to sign up and invite their students to the platform in classes.

June 28th – Edomodo

Edomodo takes on a Facebook-like look to engage students.  You setup a classroom, invite students and post work or start conversations.  This is very similar to Google Classroom, just a different look and students don’t need to have a Google domain account to join the class.

Disclaimer: I often refer back to Google Classroom – but I’m not saying its the best.  It’s the most convenient.  With the past two schools I’ve worked in being GAFE focused and Google Apps for Education – everything just works together to Google products.  I constantly push other products to make sure people have a range of what works for them, not a certain product.  Remember: the key to anything in education is understanding the concept of what your trying to accomplish – then you can find your own path that works for you to get to the goal.

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The look is clean, and the Facebook-ness is easy for students to understand where to look for everything.  The Apps available are pretty robust and the “Planner” app is a smart design.


It’s another login to remember.  The ease of the autofill of a personal device takes away that, but then it limits the range of what people can do where ever they are. I feel like passwords have become the new bane of the connected teachers existence.  Like anything else in the classroom, either students are going to be prepared and remember their passwords, or just going to struggle with organization in general.  The one login (ie Google Classroom for Drive, Docs, Classroom, Email) helps in keeping students engaged, rather than sending password recovery emails to themselves constantly.



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