June 29th – Google Classroom Quizzes

Back on February 13th I briefly spoke about Google Classroom which is another LMS system for your classroom. I’ll end of doing “A Week With” series closer to the start of school (mainly waiting for any updates that might happen over the summer), but one helpful feature I wanted to showcase now was recently introduced… Quizzes!

June 29th – Google Classroom Quizzes

Google Classroom has been very responsive to the suggestions people have been making.  As I stated in my previous post on Classroom, it is a relatively new product that requires a lot of feedback from the end users to tweek and perfect.

As the new features roll out without installations (the great thing about the Internet) one item that popped up was the ability to make Quizzes on the Google Classroom “Stream”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Like Google Forms you can select a “Short Answer” or “Multiple Choice” for the responses and it collects it in a nice spreadsheet or graphically representation for the teacher to see.  I wanted to mention this feature so before people run off for summer vacation OR you are thinking about your classroom, you know this is an available option.



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