July 1st – A Week Revisited

Yesterday I started an introduction to the “new” Google Sites – which is still in Beta.  The “A Week With Google Sites” earlier in the month is still valid, but will soon be replaced by this one – which might (and hopefully will) have continued updates.

July 1st – A Week Revisited

Today we focus on the basics – including changing themes and “the grid” that I spoke of yesterday.

The Themes (3 for right now) are located on the right side of the page.  Each theme has a different look and color scheme to go along with it.

New Google Sites Theme

Double clicking in the “Your Page Title” box will allow you to change the title, then click off of the box and it becomes an object you can move around.  On the GIF below, I click off of the box and then hover over the direct center of the box and see the “hollow dots” – those you can pull back and forth and the grid lines appear to help you center your title.

New Google Sites Basics


Then you can double click anywhere below for 5 options – the basic one is text.  Type in something and then notice the same bold, italics, alignment, bullet points and size options as you would normally see.  Tomorrow we’ll continue with the other options on an easy double click.



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