July 2nd – A Week Revisited

With the new Google Sites – everything is slightly different.  In the old Google Sites you would use the “Insert” menu option for everything.  In this new drag and drop system – adding content is easier and you have an easier resizing interface.

July 2nd – A Week Revisited

Once you’ve titled your website, you’ll want to start adding content.  There are 5+ types of content to add.  I say 5+ because when you double click on the body of the page, you get 5: Text, Images, URL, From Drive, Upload – but on the right side you have options from YouTube, Maps and others.


Is pretty self explanatory.  The options are similar to other word processing applications – and then if you click on the three dot menu on the right hand side you’ll get the options for Code Font, Strikethrough or to clear formatting.  If you select “Heading” or “Title/Subtitle” you’ll lose some options because those are default settings.

New Google Sites Text


Adding images is exactly like adding images in other Google Products.  It gives you 5 options: Upload, By URL, Search, Your Albums and Google Drive.New Google Sites Images

Upload is easy – just select or drag on top of the picture you want.  By URL you can copy and paste a URL of the picture itself (always search for the best quality). Search brings up a search bar and Google/Life image search options.  Your Albums is only available if you’ve activated Google Photos.  Google Drive automatically searches your Google Drive for “Images”.  The same principles work for dragging and snapping to the grid.  Add a few and play with the design.

Tomorrow I’ll cover the other options when you double click: URL, From Google Drive, and Upload.


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