July 3rd – A Week Revisited

Yesterday we looked at the Text and Image options when you double click on the body of the new Google Sites – today we’ll look at the other 3 options: URL, From Google Drive, and Upload.

July 3rd – A Week Revisited new Google Sites

Hopefully just a few days in you already notice how much easier the new Google Sites is.  We are able to drag and drop content and the grid helps us in organizing.  To add content to the body of our webpage just double click and you’ll get a circle with 5 options.


New Google Sites URL

The URL feature is pretty slick.  Once you’ve selected the option, type in a URL and the website creates a widget which you can click on.  You can also select the look of the widget with a few clicks.

From Drive:

New Google Sites From Drive

Note: In the GIF above I’ve also included how to delete a post if you haven’t stumbled across that yet.

Inserting content from your Google Drive uses the same search, select and insert features we’ve seen before.  A sidebar pops in from the right, you type in a search term and select the item, then insert.  You can then resize and it stays in ratio, which might or might not be what you are looking for.


New Google Sites Upload

Upload is similar to other Google products as well.  Once selected you can click and drag an item or select it using the same Finder option as well.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss the additional content managers along the right hand side.


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