July 4th – A Week Revisited

Happy 4th of July! Today we’ll be looking to add some fireworks to your website, or just some additional content – the fireworks thing was probably too much of a stretch.

July 4th –  A Week Revisited Google Sites

Over the past two days we’ve gone over the 5 options – Text, Image, URL, From Drive, Upload – that you get when you double click on the body of the webpage.  Hopefully you’ve noticed the content options on the right side of the page as well.

These handy widgets take your website to even the next level up, so try a few out and see which tools are right for your website (or future websites).


New Google Sites YouTube

The YouTube widget allows you to select a video, then a few different options (full screen, red or white progress bar).


New Google Sites Calendar

The Calendar widget shows a calendar view (which you can resize) and then a few different options.  The calendar also allows you to add the calendar to your personal calendar by clicking on the bottom right hand corner.


New Google Sites Map

You can embed a map and it has all the features the normal map (from Google Maps) do.  You can which to Satellite view and make bigger along with resizing (which I didn’t show in the GIF above).



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