July 5th – A Week Revisited

As we are winding down our Revisited Week with the new Google Sites, I think today will be the last post, only because things are bound to change.  Today I’ll review how to add pages and change the navigation options – then we’ll wait for the new Google Sites to be out of Beta mode and see what other bells and whistles were added.

July 5th – A Week Revisited

We’ve gone over themes, and content now lets add multiple pages.  The old Google Sites was a little wonky (does anyone else use that word?) to add pages, the new Google Sites fixes that and makes it very easy.

Adding a Page:

New Google Sites Pages

On the right side of the page you have 3 options: Insert, Pages, Themes.  Pages is the middle “tab” and you’ll see the main page and then a plus sign.  When you click on the addition sign you’ll get the option to rename the page, then it automatically adds the page below.  You can then drag the new page on top of the old page to change navigation.

Changing Navigation:

New Google Sites Pages Navigation

Once the page has been added, you can make it a subpage by dragging on top of another page, then adding additional subpages if you want.  You can also change the look of the navigation by clicking on the “gear” on the left hand side from top to side navigation.

So many more wonderful options right!  Enjoy playing around with the Beta and we’ll check-in closer to the beginning of the school year so everyone can create websites for their classrooms!


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