July 12th – A Week With Scratch

On our final day with Scratch (although hopefully not yours) we’ll look at a very “teachery” thing – the community.  The community will help teachers to “hand out” assignments and view students assignments when they have finished and shared them.

July 12th – A Week With Scratch

As the last six days have been a brief run through of what Scratch can do – today will be how a teacher can see all the amazing work their students are producing.

If your students are older than 13 they can signup for an account – which you should have them do with a school email.  Setup an account yourself and have the students “Follow You” by searching or posting your homepage for them to click on “Follow”, once they’ve followed you, then follow them right back.

Scratch Communities.gif

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be able to see when they’ve completed and shared assignments, as well as create starter assignments for them to “remix” and then you see what they’ve done.  Under your account you have a “Profile” which is the overall view and the people that you are following and follow you, and the “My Stuff” which is all the projects you have and whether or not they are shared.

Although there isn’t a formal “classroom” on Scratch, it’s better than having the email back and forth of files and making sure the students have sent you the most up to date versions.

One of my favorite exercises is what I call “Fix My Code” which I make common mistakes that I see the class making and put them into a code to get it to work. This “debugging” activity helps students problem solving and critical thinking skills by having them look closely at each line of code and truly understand what it’s trying to accomplish.


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