New Year = Another Try


Happy 2017! – even though I’m three weeks late to the party…

Rewind to last year when I attempted to complete a “Blog Post a Day” and learned how challenging it was to come up with new content daily, but also stay relevant and timely.  After talking to a few people who read my post, I realized that often times they were as overwhelmed as I was.  It was a lot of information coming at them fast and not enough time to process.  I gathered mixed reviews on the separate topics vs “A Week With” series to explore something more in depth.

On a positive note, this work allowed me to start creating a collection of documents and writing that helped me in my everyday job and gave me resources to refer people to.

So, after the leap year that was 2016 I’ve grown a year +1 day older and wiser and decided to try the blog thing again, but with fewer expectations because then, like my students, I don’t always produce the greatest work.

My focus this year will be more on the helpful things I’ve learned in the past year, not just producing something everyday – but also sharing the helpful practices I’ve found that work for me, my students and other teachers.  So bring on the new year with a renewed focus!

Here goes nothing…again.



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