July 4th – A Week Revisited

Happy 4th of July! Today we’ll be looking to add some fireworks to your website, or just some additional content – the fireworks thing was probably too much of a stretch.

July 4th –  A Week Revisited Google Sites

Over the past two days we’ve gone over the 5 options – Text, Image, URL, From Drive, Upload – that you get when you double click on the body of the webpage.  Hopefully you’ve noticed the content options on the right side of the page as well.

These handy widgets take your website to even the next level up, so try a few out and see which tools are right for your website (or future websites).


New Google Sites YouTube

The YouTube widget allows you to select a video, then a few different options (full screen, red or white progress bar).


New Google Sites Calendar

The Calendar widget shows a calendar view (which you can resize) and then a few different options.  The calendar also allows you to add the calendar to your personal calendar by clicking on the bottom right hand corner.


New Google Sites Map

You can embed a map and it has all the features the normal map (from Google Maps) do.  You can which to Satellite view and make bigger along with resizing (which I didn’t show in the GIF above).



July 3rd – A Week Revisited

Yesterday we looked at the Text and Image options when you double click on the body of the new Google Sites – today we’ll look at the other 3 options: URL, From Google Drive, and Upload.

July 3rd – A Week Revisited new Google Sites

Hopefully just a few days in you already notice how much easier the new Google Sites is.  We are able to drag and drop content and the grid helps us in organizing.  To add content to the body of our webpage just double click and you’ll get a circle with 5 options.


New Google Sites URL

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July 2nd – A Week Revisited

With the new Google Sites – everything is slightly different.  In the old Google Sites you would use the “Insert” menu option for everything.  In this new drag and drop system – adding content is easier and you have an easier resizing interface.

July 2nd – A Week Revisited

Once you’ve titled your website, you’ll want to start adding content.  There are 5+ types of content to add.  I say 5+ because when you double click on the body of the page, you get 5: Text, Images, URL, From Drive, Upload – but on the right side you have options from YouTube, Maps and others.

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July 1st – A Week Revisited

Yesterday I started an introduction to the “new” Google Sites – which is still in Beta.  The “A Week With Google Sites” earlier in the month is still valid, but will soon be replaced by this one – which might (and hopefully will) have continued updates.

July 1st – A Week Revisited

Today we focus on the basics – including changing themes and “the grid” that I spoke of yesterday.

The Themes (3 for right now) are located on the right side of the page.  Each theme has a different look and color scheme to go along with it.

New Google Sites Theme

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June 30th – A Week Revisited

Well, technology changes rapidly and earlier in the month I did A Week With Google Sites, and now Google has announced a new Google that is currently in beta.  The good news is the new Sites is SOOOO much better and student friendly.  So I’ll try this again – and the older Google Sites information should be valid for a little while still.

June 30th – A Week Revisited with the NEW Google Sites

Ah technology, just when you think you’ve figured it out, an update happens and the learning curve begins again.  Fortunately with the new Google Sites, it is easy to pick up, integrates with other Google Products even easier and looks a lot better.

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June 29th – Google Classroom Quizzes

Back on February 13th I briefly spoke about Google Classroom which is another LMS system for your classroom. I’ll end of doing “A Week With” series closer to the start of school (mainly waiting for any updates that might happen over the summer), but one helpful feature I wanted to showcase now was recently introduced… Quizzes!

June 29th – Google Classroom Quizzes

Google Classroom has been very responsive to the suggestions people have been making.  As I stated in my previous post on Classroom, it is a relatively new product that requires a lot of feedback from the end users to tweek and perfect.

As the new features roll out without installations (the great thing about the Internet) one item that popped up was the ability to make Quizzes on the Google Classroom “Stream”.

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Like Google Forms you can select a “Short Answer” or “Multiple Choice” for the responses and it collects it in a nice spreadsheet or graphically representation for the teacher to see.  I wanted to mention this feature so before people run off for summer vacation OR you are thinking about your classroom, you know this is an available option.


June 28th – Edomodo

Edomodo is another LMS (Learning Management System) but is free for teachers to sign up and invite their students to the platform in classes.

June 28th – Edomodo

Edomodo takes on a Facebook-like look to engage students.  You setup a classroom, invite students and post work or start conversations.  This is very similar to Google Classroom, just a different look and students don’t need to have a Google domain account to join the class.

Disclaimer: I often refer back to Google Classroom – but I’m not saying its the best.  It’s the most convenient.  With the past two schools I’ve worked in being GAFE focused and Google Apps for Education – everything just works together to Google products.  I constantly push other products to make sure people have a range of what works for them, not a certain product.  Remember: the key to anything in education is understanding the concept of what your trying to accomplish – then you can find your own path that works for you to get to the goal.

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The look is clean, and the Facebook-ness is easy for students to understand where to look for everything.  The Apps available are pretty robust and the “Planner” app is a smart design.


It’s another login to remember.  The ease of the autofill of a personal device takes away that, but then it limits the range of what people can do where ever they are. I feel like passwords have become the new bane of the connected teachers existence.  Like anything else in the classroom, either students are going to be prepared and remember their passwords, or just going to struggle with organization in general.  The one login (ie Google Classroom for Drive, Docs, Classroom, Email) helps in keeping students engaged, rather than sending password recovery emails to themselves constantly.